Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marker prints with scratch foam

This project is kind of a hybrid of relief printing and monoprinting. Students used a product called scratch foam, but a styrofoam plate our takeout container works too!

Just draw with a pencil - use a little more pressure than usual, and make sure your pencil isn't too sharp!
Color your styrofoam with markers - all one color works fine :)

Dip your paper in water and pat dry - it should be pretty damp, no water pooling on the paper.
I am lucky to have a press, so we lay the damp paper on top of our colored styrofoam and run it through - you could just rub the paper with the heel of your hand - just be sure the paper doesn't move!
I just love this project :)


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  2. I just did this yesterday and used spray bottles, some of the students put on enough water...some did not..will need to try the pan of water!

  3. I like the option of them adding new colors on the next print and comparing the difference